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���ϻ������̹��� South Johore Foundry & Engineering Industries Association (SJFEIA)

South Johor Foundry & Engineering Industries Associates Registration Form

A: ˾ (Company Detail)
Name (ӢEnglish) :
ҵִպ (Licence’s No) :
˾עԺ (Registration No) :
(Date of Incorporation) :
ַ(Address) :
绰(Phone No.) :
(Fax No) :

Bߵ (Representative Detail)
֤(I/C No)
Ԅe(Sex) (Male)  Ů(Female)
(Date of Birth)
ص㣨Place of Birth
ַ(Address) :
绰(Phone No.) :
(Fax No) :

C.ߵ(Proposer Detail)
˾( Chinese):
Company Name (ӢEnglish):
(Proposer Name):

DӪҵʣType of Business

** 빴Ҫҵ(Tick Out The Items)

1. Casting 2./// Crane/Hoist Services
3./е Machinery/Hardware 4.Ƽ洦 Electroplating & Surface Treatment
5.ѹ Metal Stamping 6.е Machinery & Parts Manufacturing
7.ܻе Precision Engineering 8. Construction Materials Manufacturing
9.ͱ÷ Diesel/Fuel Pump Service 10.е General Engineering & Machine Shops
11.װ Steel Fabrication 12.ά Vehicles Tractors Repair & Maintenance
13.ѹϵͳ Hydraulic System 14.ģҵ Mould & Die
15.װ Steel Fabrication 16.еҵ Others :

E. ѡ (Please Choose Your Selection)
ѡĿոϴ ͨԱ General Member ûԱ Life Member
Entrance Fee RM 100.00 RM 100.00
Ա֤Certificate RM 50.00 RM 50.00
ûԱLife Subscription - RM 1,000.00
Year Subscription RM 240.00 -
Total RM 390.00 RM 1,150.00
I certify that the above information given is correct and true to the best of my knowledge.